Crossbeats Torq Review

Crossbeats Torq Priced at 6999 and offers impressive features and specifications for the price.

Build Quality

The true wireless experience begins with the charging case, and the Crossbeats Buds make a great first impression, Crossbeats Torq comes with the case which looks like leather coated but its plastic and looks very impressive, the quality of the case & buds is really good.


  • Crossbeats Torq comes with Bluetooth 5.0, Qualcomm chipset, and supports APTX audio profile and 18mm Dynamic Ti-coted Drivers.
  • Case battery is 2000mah and buds with 70mah*2
  • IPX6 water resistance grade
  • Working time as mentioned in website up to 3 days with case and standby time is 200hrs
  • Noise reduction CVC8.0 with ENC
  • USB Type C charging Case and supports Wireless charging
  • 4 Mics
  • In-Ear Music Detection

Audio Quality

Crossbeats Torq comes with Qualcomm chipset with Aptx codec which boosts audio quality, Bass level is Mid but I felt somewhere the volume is very high since you can reduce the volume at 70-80% which will give you the best music experience.

Microphone Quality

Crossbeats comes with 4 microphones, which is really good for audio and Zoom calls, and i was impressed with the noise cancellation, it was pretty good


The battery life is Good and will able to last you a couple of days with full usage. Crossbeats claims it can go up 72 hours and I don’t doubt that claim with what I have seen.


I haven’t tried gaming with these earbuds, but as they have mentioned this supports low latency gaming which is <15 Milli Sec Latency. I will Check and Update this later.

Touch & In-Ear Detection

Both Touch and In Ear Detection works really well, there is no complain about this.


Overall, at Rs 6999, the Crossbeats torq is one of the best truly wireless options available at that price point. The audio quality will not disappoint you.

Crossbeats Torq

Rs 6,999

Build Quality


Music Quality




Touch Senstivity



  • Aptx Audio
  • Low Latency gaming
  • Best Music Experience
  • Battery


  • Kinda Look Bulky to ears
  • Sometimes It wont disconnect even after the buds are inside case, which leads to battery drain

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