CSGO Tips for Better Aim

Crosshair Placement

I just cannot stress this enough.

Have you ever had a moment where you’re running forward when suddenly someone walks around the corner and one-taps you? Chances are you did.

I can tell you how he did it. He kept his crosshair on head level. Simple as that.

When he saw you, he just adjusted his aim horizontally and shot. he didn’t have to pull his crosshair up to hit the head, probably unlike you.

See, in real life, our heads are comfortable tilted about 15° down; so when you play CS:GO, you instinctively pull your aim down, like you would in real life.

Basically, keep your crosshair on head level at all times, and it will soon become a habit.

Don’t walk or crouch corners

Imagine, there is someone holding the corner, with their crosshair placement on point.

  • If you are walking, they will just one-tap you
  • If you are crouching, they will flick downwards and one-tap you

Basically, considering that you are new, the best thing for you to do would be to crouch-jump corners and get ready to shoot whoever may be holding the corner.

However, when you go up, it would make more sense for you to


Basically, unlike most action games, pressing movement keys in CS:GO gives you acceleration, not velocity. And when you release the keys, you will slide a little before becoming accurate again. However, you can counter that movement by counter strafing.

Let’s say you were strafing with A . Then, a person comes out from behind a corner.

Without counterstrafing, you would release A, wait for yourself to stop and become accurate and get shot.

However, there is another way. You could release A, and tap right after. That way, you will become perfectly accurate quickly, and get an accurate shot before your foe has his sights on your head.

Once you get your counterstrafing down, you can move on to the real pro technique, ADADing.

Basically, say you are in an open space with an enemy in front of you. You’re going to want to avoid their shots, right?

You start strafing with A, keeping your crosshair on the enemy. Then, you suddenly release A and hold down D while simultaneously shooting. If you synchronize your shot and pressing down of the D key, you should get in an accurate shot on the enemy while not actually stopping.

That’s it for ADADing! Now, people might tell you that the last tip I want to give you is the most important part of getting better, but it really isn’t. In CS:GO, movement is more inportant that accuracy, because standing still and shooting won’t get you far, and making your opponent miss their shots could force them to reload, which is basically a victory for you as you can stand still and shoot them.

Anyway, the last tip is of course


You probably know this one already. Just learn spray patterns of weapons.

However, since you’re a noob, pulling down while shooting should do the job for a while.

And that’s everything i wanted to tell you!

I know that you probably wanted an answer telling you HOW to practice, and not WHAT to practice, however, you won’t get better if you don’t know what you’re trying to improve and what your mistakes are.

Basically, if you read this and really absorb the information, you should notice improvements quickly.

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