Phasmophobia Beginner Tips

For beginners of Phasmophobia, in this guide, I’ll explain all the basic information you need to become a professional investigator.

The Truck

Look around the truck, get acquainted with your surroundings. You will notice a few things.

1. You will notice a monitor. This is the CCTV system and will allow you to see the cameras you have placed, and on the map.

2. There is a whiteboard that will list your objectives, and give info on the ghost such as name, or if it reacts to everyone or only people who are alone.

3. There is a map for the layout of the building. There is a square button you can use to cycle the floors. Most important thing to note here is a green battery. This is where the location’s power source is located.

4. The EMF chart. Confusion here, this chart is not used for the EMF evidence. This is a reading of the total activity within the location.

5. The shelves house the equipment you bring in!

After you are ready, click the keypad to leave. Once you open the door to the location, your timer begins.

The Location

Your goal is to find the ghost and gather 3 pieces of evidence to determine what it is. Personally, what has worked best for me is to take out your temperature tool to find a room where the celcius is below 10°C or take your EMF reader and walk around the location quickly saying “*insert name here* can you give us a sign.” Listen for doors opening, objects falling, humming, croaking, moaning. Watch to see if a light turns on, or see if a radio kicks on. Asking the ghost to give you a sign increases the chances of all these things and can help you quickly find in on where it is at. Once you get a spike on the EMF reader, that is the room your ghost will haunt*(see below). They will remain in this room about 80% of the time. Keep that in the back of your mind as we go over several of the items. After 5 minutes of entering the house, your sanity will begin to drain. It drains much quicker in the dark. The lower your sanity is, the more likely the ghost will attack, or that paranormal events will occur. Note, the Ghost can attack at anytime, even within the first 5 minutes.

From here, you will want to deploy your cameras, ghost writing book, turn off all the lights and do a spirit box session. Are you able to see your breath? Take a UV light and check any doors, windows, light switches and see if you can find anything. Once you have 3 pieces of evidence, mark it in your journal and get out! (Note, in my experience, getting the 3rd piece of evidence can be a pain in the butt. Just be patient!

You will also be presented with 3 other objectives chosen at random. Things such as prevent a hunt using the crucifix, use smudge sticks, witness a ghost event, etc. These are worth getting if possible for the extra income!

The Hunt

So, you’re setting up your cameras, book, etc. Suddenly, your heart pounds, all the lights begin to flicker, and your flashlight is malfunctioning. You need to react, and quick, the ghost has begun what’s known as the hunting phase. Do not run to an exit, the door will be closed and locked. You need to break a line of sight with the ghost and hide! Closets, lockers, bathrooms, you will have about 5 seconds before the ghost comes for you. Stay quiet, they can hear you through your mic! If you’re in multiplayer and someone is in the truck, they will notice the location activity will be spiked at 10 during the hunt. The hunt can last anywhere from a few seconds to minutes from what I’ve seen. Wait it out, stay quiet, and pray.

Tips and Tricks

This will be a slightly unorganized section where I throw things in as I think of them.

1. Be smart with camera placement. You can gather up to 4 pieces of evidence from the truck with a single camera! Place the camera in the ghost room. Try to place it facing a door. Use a UV light or a glow stick to illuminate the door so you can see fingerprints. Next to the door, lean an EMF reader and a ghost writing book up against the wall. This will allow you to see, all from one camera, fingerprints, EMF reading, ghostwriting, and ghost orbs. I have not tested it yet, but you may even drop an activated thermometer in front of the camera and get a reading for freezing temperatures. Just be creative!

2. Lay salt in doorways, not in hallways.

3. Prep your items next to the location’s door for quicker access.

4. EMF readers can be used as an alternative method for tracking the ghost. If you have several, you can lay them on the floor much like salt. When it beeps, you know the ghost is there.

5. Candles and flashlights do not count as light sources for things such as the Spirit Box, Mare, Jinn, or cameras***.

6. I would avoid tripods if you are playing mouse and keyboard. You cannot place them nearly as accurately or and you can in VR. Which leads me into number…

Credit – VinS

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